Frequently Asked Questions: If you are new to our school, or just want to know more about us, we want you to know that the community of Immanuel Lutheran School is very important to us and we want your transition into our family to be smooth, easy, and enjoyable. Following are some answers to frequently asked Immanuel questions. We hope it will assist you along this journey. Have a great school year and God Bless!

Q: Your school is called "Immanuel Lutheran." What is a "Lutheran" anyway?

A: "Lutherans" are Christians who respond to the love of the Triune God...Father, Son, and Holy Spirit....who has reveled Himself through the Bible. "Lutherans" accept and teach the Bible-based teachings of Martin Luther that inspired the reformation of the Christian Church in the 16th century. The teaching of Luther and the reformers can be summarized in three short phrases: Grace alone, Faith alone, Scripture alone. If you would like to learn more about being "Lutheran" please click here.

Q: I am not Lutheran. May my child attend your school?

A: You do not have to be Lutheran to attend our school. Immanuel Lutheran School has students from many different faith backgrounds, although approximately 80% of our students are members at either Immanuel Lutheran Church or St. Luke's Lutheran Church.

Q: Do you have tuition assistance? 

A: Yes, Immanuel is a part of the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program and offers scholarships to assist families with tuition. We also utilize a company called FACTS to help us determine financial aid, for families who are in need of it. If you are a member of Immanuel or St. Luke's your tuition is at a discounted rate, thanks to support from these congregations. 

Q: What extracurricular activities are available to students? 

A: Soccer, Basketball, Book Clubs, Kindness Club, Forensics, Safety Patrol, Drama, Spelling Bee, Geography Bee and various other events throughout the year.

Q: How can I get involved during the day if I have spare time?

  • Noon Duty - Recess
  • Speak to your child's teacher, they may have some things/times during the day in which they could use assistance.
  • Room Parent
  • Library
  • Extracurricular Activities - coach, chairperson for an event, etc.  

Q: How do I become a Room Parent for my child's class and what do they do?

A: There is a sign up sheet in the office and there will be a booklet that explains what a Room Parent or a group of parents' duties would be. There are times throughout the year where there would be a class party or something that needs to be coordinated for the class. It would be to organize with parents to donate snacks, drinks, games and those types of things. The booklet will explain other details, but each teacher may want things done differently due to the age of the kids and the amount of time available. There are usually a handful of these events throughout the school year and could be shared with others parents.

Q: Is it required that I volunteer?

A: Yes, each family is asked to volunteers at least 20 hours for the school year. There are many different areas to help out in that having everyone do something helps spread the workload out amongst our families and allows you to get involved with your child's school. We even have work nights for those who are handy! Cards will be given out with a list of all the different areas that are in need of assistance. If you think about it, it is only 5 hours a school quarter and there are so many ways you can help.

Q: Are there ways to help cut costs to tuition?

A: We have our Scrip program, Butter Braids and other small fundraisers to help assist with tuition costs.

  • Scrip - This is a great way to help the school and help with tuition costs. There is a form that is sent with the e-newsline each Friday (you can also find it on this website here). It has a number of different companies from which we buy gift cards. The school buys them at a discounted amount. You, your family members, and/or friends buy them at face value from the school. The school gets 1/2 fo the profit and your family gets the other 1/2 of the profit applied to your tuition. Throughout the school year it adds up and can really help, especially if you can get others to buy scrip as well. The list of companies incudes typical places you may go every day. Gas stations, grocery stores, fast food restaurants, department stores, iTunes, etc. 

Q: What does the school do for Fundraisers?

A: We do have many things that take place throughout the school to assist in raising funds for the school. Following is a list of some of the events/ways in which we raise money for our school:

  • Celebration Auction
  • Family Fun Fest
  • Golf for KICS
  • Portesi's Pizza - athletic fundraiser
  • Collection of points via the Box Tops app for milk caps, milk bag tops, ink cartridge refills, Campbells labels, and Box Tops.
  • Domino's Nights - designated nights for our school to profit from sales as well.

Q: Are there organizations that I can join?

A: We have many committees for the above Fundraisers and are always in need of help. We also have our Parent Teacher Children group (PTC) and our Immanuel School board. Please ask in the office for a contact name if you are interested in joing one of these groups.

Q: What is the PTT (Parent Teacher Team)?

A: This group helps organize events that are geared towards fellowship with other families for little to no cost. The PTT plans events in various different ways to help provide support to teachers, families, etc. They also help plan events for Teacher Appreciation Week, retirements, or other unique events that arise.

Q: Does the school have a chapel service?

A: Yes, each week on Wednesday mornings the school holds a chapel service. Various spiritual leaders from the community are asked to assist with chapel and each class also has the opportunity to prepare a chapel service. Your child will also receive a box of chapel envelopes so they can bring their offerings to school each week. Each week these offerings are given to a different cause outside of the school. The newsline informs the school of what the cause will be each week. This is a great way to allow kids to know they can make a difference within our community by sharing God's Word. (Parents are invited to come to any of the services. Ask your child's teacher for the time of the service and when they may be leading.)

We hope this has answered some of your questions. If you have additional questions please contact the school office (715-423-0272), speak with Susan Cour (Admissions Counselor), or ask another parent at the school.

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