• Athletics

    Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Track, and Cougar Sports Club

    Visit here during the school year to find maps for our games, schedules, and other information pertaining to our athletic program.

    Sports Calendar

  • Music

    "Sing and make music to the Lord." Psalm 27:6

    Here at Immanuel Lutheran School we have many opportunities to live out these words!  

    During music classes we actively discover elements of music such as rhythm, pitch, note reading, composition, etc... all while singing, dancing, and praising the Lord. In addition, we experience music through playing a variety of instruments including boomwhackers/drums/percussion (4K- 2nd grade), recorders (3rd grade), xylophones, (4th grade), choir chimes (5th grade), and the piano (6th grade). Along with these separate weekly music classes, music is woven throughout many areas of the curriculum. There's nothing like learning your addition facts to a bouncy tune! Over the past years, Immanuel Lutheran School has also been blessed to participate in the "Opera for the Young" program as well as the Central Wisconsin Symphony Orchestra - Dorothy Vetter Memorial Educational Concerts.  

    Students can expand and share their musical interests outside of the classroom by participating in a variety of music opportunities:

    K-Grade 5 Worship Singing at Immanuel Lutheran and St. Luke's Lutheran churches

    Band program through Assumption Catholic Schools (Grades 4-8)

    Immanuel Lutheran School Handbell Choir (Grades 5-8)

  • Literature

    At Immanuel we offer a fun way to explore reading and new books.

    Battle of the Books: 4th-8th Grade

  • Art

    Art continues to be an important part of the curriculum here at Immanuel. Our art teacher, Ruth Macomber, teaches art to Kindergarten through 4th Grade.   Mrs. Cara Lee teaches art to 5th - 8th Grade.

    Mrs. Macomber has illustrated childrens' books for an author in Wausau. The books are  "If I Lived in the Jungle" and "If I lived in the Ocean". These books are for ages two through seven. According to Mrs. Macomber, "It was a real challenge and a fun project for the summer. Amy was a nice person to get to know." Amy Kaiser, author and mother of three small children, always wanted to write, and has thus fulfilled her dream. Her books can be found on ebay or amazon.

  • Celebration Events

    These events are in celebration of our school and help raise money to further support our ministry.

    Celebration Events include:

    • Celebration Fun Fest - November
    • Celebration Auction - March
    • Golf Fore KIDS - June

    Proceeds from the Fun Fest, Auction and golf outing will be used to supplement scholarship funds, technology costs, and various student activities including fine arts performances, guest speakers, and hands-on opportunities.

    There are many ways to participate in the Celebration Weekend Festivities. Listed below are just a few:

    • Volunteer
    • Donate
    • Sponsor
    • Attend
    • Be a Prayer Warrior

    If you are interested in becoming a part of these exciting events please contact one of the following:

    Brian Betts - Principal

    Sue Zolnik - Administrative Assistant

    Brenda Greene & Kristin Kuhn - FunFest

    Skye Manning - Auction

    Brian Betts - Golf Fore KIDS