School Payments

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Ways to Give

There many different ways for people to return thanks to the Lord through financial contributions to their church. Gifts include cash, stocks, appreciated stocks and real estate. At Immanuel we currently offer many ways to give:

In the Offering Plate

Many people prefer the traditional way of bringing their tithes and offering to the Lord in person, and placing them in the offering plate. At Immanuel, we issue offering envelopes to each of our members which they are encouraged to use. By using your envelopes or by making your donation by check we are able to keep a record of your contributions for the year. At year-end, we will give you a statement of what you have donated, not matter the method that you are able to use when filing your taxes.


In the age of computers, smartphones and mobile computing some of our members have come to prefer to make their donations to Immanuel through our Online Giving Page by using an automated debit through checking, savings or debit/credit card. Donations can be set-up as a one-time or reoccurring gift. In the same way as your envelopes, a statement of your contributions is available for tax purposes. Check out the donation button above.


Immanuel also offers to our members the way to have your weekly/biweekly/monthly contributions automatically debited from your checking or savings account using Joyful Response. Simply fill out a form; return it to the church office and our bookkeeper sets up the account for them. Forms are available in the church office.

Text to Give

You can use your smart phone to text your contribution to Immanuel's general fund or a special ministry. Send your text to (715) 955-4686 and simply type the amount you would like to contribute (example: "$20"). Please use the $ sign ($20) in your text that you send. The first time you will be asked to fill out your credit card or debit card information. After that, you will be able to text your amount and will use your safely saved information.


Some of our members are physically unable to come to worship in church, yet supporting the mission and ministry of Immanuel remains important to them. Each week, members place their offering envelope with their contribution into an addressed and stamped envelope and it is delivered to the church office. Their contribution is then recorded along with the next weekend's offerings.

Legacy Gifts

Have you thought about how you can help the Gospel continue to build God’s Kingdom here on earth after you are gone? Legacy planning and giving takes many shapes and sizes. By doing comprehensive gift planning, you and your family can make the most of what you have and benefit Immanuel Lutheran Church and School. Immanuel has contracted with Gift Planning Services LLC in Eau Claire, WI to help our members explore options.Gift Planning Services LLC has been a valuable partner with our North Wisconsin District and travels all over the State of Wisconsin. They will work with you and your Financial Advisor for your benefit.

Immanuel Lutheran Endowment

Immanuel has established an Endowment Fund that is used for purposes of extending God’s Kingdom here on earth. As this fund grows, interest and gains are used for various ministries. Current uses include: the support of our school ministry, community outreach, youth endeavors, community service and an annual "Live Your Faith Live" event meant to reach the community with the Gospel.

Bequest of tax-deferred, retirement assets and appreciated shares of stock

While owning tax deferred investments before retirement always seems like a good idea, accessing them or transferring them to someone else can be difficult without triggering a tax liability. Working with a Gift Planner and your Financial Advisor to minimize this and to benefit Immanuel is possible. Consider all the facts before you make the decision.