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Scrip is an easy way to support your church and school while you shop.

How does Scrip work?

Immanuel participates in Scrip - a nation-wide, year-round fund-raising program for schools and non-profits in which merchants issue gift cards and gift certificates at a discount to Immanuel. We then sell these cards to you at their face value. You, in turn, use the cards in place of cash, check or credit cards to make purchases at the stores. 

Example: Scrip buys $100 worth of Copps card at a 4% profit, so the $100 card cost Scrip $96. The Scrip program sells that card for face value, $100, and earns $4 rebate. You then use the card to pay for groceries!

How does Scrip support Immanuel?

One-half of the rebate we make on the gift cards is used for various projects at our school, such as buying equipment that enhances our children's educational experience. The other half of the rebate is yours and can be designated by you to one of the approved funds listed on the front of the Scrip Order Form, such as your Immanuel School tuition.

The Scrip year runs July-June, so rebates are accumulated throughout the year and can be credited to your designated fund starting in July of each year.

Where Can You Buy Scrip?

During the week, including summers, Scrip may be purchased in the school office from 8:15-4:15 (Summer hours 8:30-3:30). Scrip order forms are available in the office or can be printed off using the link at the bottom of this page (scroll down). The Scrip that is listed on the form is kept in stock at Immanuel so that you can go shopping right away. You can also go to to see additional vendors we can order from on your behalf.

Can I order Scrip online?

Yes!  To find out more about purchasing Scrip online, see the section on Online Ordering below.

Questions or Suggestions?

See our FAQ section below or contact our Scrip Coordinator, Deb Fillmore. You can reach her by calling the school office at 715-423-0272 or send an email to

Scrip Order Form (as of 11/11/22)     Seasonal Scrip & Limited Quantity Form (as of 11/11/22)

Scrip News

Scrip Purchasing Hours

Scrip is available for purchase in the Immanuel School office Monday-Friday from 8:15-4:15 during the school year and 8:30-3:30 during the summer. 

Vendor Updates

Low Denomination Gift Cards have arrived for the holidays!

o Walmart $10

o Starbucks $5

o Kwik Trip $5

o Applebees $10

o Amazon $10

o Target $10

We are working on some new local vendors.  Do you have an idea for us?  Send us an email and we will see what we can do!

2019-2020 Year End Report

Thank you for making the 2019-2020 Scrip year a success. Our total sales were $990,752.30 which translated into an overall rebate amount of $50,697.84 that is used to further the mission of Immanuel Lutheran School and help Scrip families with tuition costs and various educational expenses. Please continue to use Scrip for all your grocery, gas, and clothing needs and let’s make this year even better!  

Online Ordering

ShopWithScrip offers Scrip customers the convenience of purchasing Scrip online and having payment directly debited from your checking account using the PrestoPay feature. Once your account is set up you also have the ability to purchase ScripNow e-cards and reloadable cards that you can purchase anytime and have the funds available to you within an hour, if not minutes, of your purchase. Your purchases will continue to be tracked at Immanuel and your Scrip rebates will be credited to your current Scrip account. The document below gives you step-by-step instructions on how you can get started with ShopWithScrip and PrestoPay. Go to to get started!

Get Started with ShopWithScrip Online Ordering!

You still have the option of paying for Scrip using cash or check, but in certain situations it is better to use the PrestoPay feature. When using the program, please make sure when purchasing Kwik Trip, Kohls, and Dairy Queen that you are purchasing the ones that have the "Local Product" icon on the top of the page. These will give you a higher percentage and even though they are purchased locally, they can be used nationwide. 

My Scrip Wallet

Once you're finished with the process of creating a ShopWithScrip account and activating the PrestoPay feature, you are able to download the "My Scrip Wallet" app at to use on your smartphone. This allows you to have Scrip right at your fingertips while you shop and eat! Click here to watch a video for more information. 

Go to ShopWithScrip website

Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering FAQs

Can I order Scrip for a business not listed on the order form?

A complete list of Scrip retailers are available through All special orders need to be paid in advance before the order will be placed. Whenever possible, orders are placed on Friday afternoon and ready for pick-up in the school office on Thursday. Please plan accordingly for orders to be processed and shipped. 

It's the weekend and I forgot to buy Scrip, is there anyway I can buy Scrip to use now?

ShopWithScrip is an online ordering program for Scrip. Once you have created an account and set up the PrestoPay feature you are able to purchase ScripNow e-cards and reload empty cards from many national retailers and have the funds available to you within a matter of minutes. E-cards are sent to your email and can be printed off and taken with you to make your purchases. Check out the "Online Ordering" section for more information on how to set up your ShopWithScrip account. 

How can ShopWithScrip benefit me when I travel?

ShopWithScrip offers you the convenience of purchasing ScripNow e-cards and Reloadable cards as you go. You can log on to your account from any computer and place your order for many national retailers. If you have a smartphone, you are also able to download the "My Scrip Wallet" app and have the ability to purchase ScripNow and Reloadable cards right at your fingertips. Check out the "Online Ordering" section for more information.

Can I purchase Scrip gift certificates?


Yes! Scrip gift certificates are available for purchase in the school office. They can be for any amount and once redeemed, the Scrip purchase is applied to the purchaser's account. This means that if you give someone a $25 Scrip gift certificate and they purchase a $25 Kwik Trip card with it, you will receive the rebate for that Kwik Trip card. The entire amount of the gift certifcates needs to be redeemed at one time, but it can be applied to orders over the amount the gift certifcate. 

Payment FAQs

Can I use my credit card to pay for Scrip?

We only accept cash or check payments for Scrip purchases made in the school office. You are able to set up the PrestoPay feature on your ShopWithScrip account and have your Scrip purchases electronically debited from your checking account. ShopWithScrip orders can be placed at anytime and you are contacted when your order is ready to pick. You are able to place orders for all the retailers listed on the Scrip order form as well as place special orders from other national retailers.  

I don't get paid until Friday, can I purchase Scrip and post-date my check?

We allow you to post-date a check to the Friday of the current week. If you wish to do this, please circle the date on your check. 

What happens if I don't have the funds in my checking account to cover my Scrip purchase?

If a check is returned for Non-Sufficent Funds (NSF), we will charge a $10 fee to cover the bank fees and processing. You will be contacted alerting you to the NSF check and asked if you wish to have the check re-deposited or if you would like to come in and pay cash for the order. You will not be able to purchase additional Scrip until the NSF check has cleared.  

Scrip Rebate FAQs

Can I purchase Scrip and have my rebates go to another family?

Yes! You are able to set up your Scrip account to contribute your rebates to another family. We have many grandparents, aunts and uncles and friends that do this. When filling out the front of the Scrip order form, list the family you'd like to contribute to and all your reabtes will go to that family! 

Can I have my rebates split between multiple funds?

Yes, we are able to divide your rebates between multiple funds. All you need to do is fill out the information on the front of the Scrip order form and indicate the multiple funds you wish to have your rebates divided between. 

My child is only in 9th grade, can still designate my Scrip rebates to be used for Higher Education?

Yes, we encourage you to use Scrip throughout you child's education. By designating your Scrip rebates for Higher Education, your rebates will accumulate until you need to use them. This means you can continuing building up your rebates year after year. 

I just had a baby. Can I start a fund for future education costs already?

Yes, start early! You can start using Scrip at anytime and designate your Scrip rebates to be saved for Future Education Costs. Your rebates will accumulate from year to year until you need to use them for your child's preschool, 4K, or tuition costs. 

Can my Scrip rebates roll over from one year to the next?

If you have designated your Scrip profits to be used for Higher Education, Future Education, or Preschool Tuition, your rebates will roll over from one year to the next. If you have questions about rolling over your Scrip rebates, please contact the Scrip Coordinator.  

How do I get a check for higher education costs?

When you wish to have a check cut for higher education costs, contact the Scrip Coordinator with the amount needed and the college name. Checks are only cut to the college or university and never made out to a person. We will include the name of the student in the memo line. You will then be contacted that the check is ready for you to pick up in the school office. It is then your responsibility to deliver it to the school. We will not mail any checks to schools.  

If I have a child/children attending Immanuel School, what happens to my Scrip rebates?

If you have a child attending Immanuel Lutheran School and 4K your Scrip rebates will accumulate over the course of the Scrip year(July-June) to be applied to tuition costs. At the end of June, Scrip year end closing will take place and your the amount of Scrip rebates you have accumulated will be applied to your school account for the beginning of the school year in September. This number will be communicated to you by the school during registration.   

Can I use my Scrip rebates for homeschooling?

We do allow for Scrip rebates to be used for homeschooling supplies such as curriculum purchased from a homeschooling store. Please contact the Scrip Coordinator to make sure you are able to use your Scrip rebates for your homeschooling purchases.