Shop With RaiseRight

RaiseRight is an easy way to support your church and school while you shop

Earn Money for Your School and Yourself!

How does RaiseRight work?

Merchants issue gift cards and gift certificates at a discount to Immanuel. We then sell these cards to you at their face value. You, in turn, use the cards in place of cash, check or credit cards to make purchases at the stores. 

Example: RaiseRight buys $100 worth of Pick N Save card at a 4% profit, so the $100 card costs Immanuel $96. The RaiseRight program sells that card for face value, $100, and earns $4 rebate. You then use the card to pay for groceries!

How does RaiseRight support Immanuel?

One-half of the rebate we make on the gift cards is used for various projects at our school, such as buying equipment that enhances our children's educational experience. The other half of the rebate is yours and can be designated by you to one of the approved funds listed on the front of the order form, such as your Immanuel School tuition.

The RaiseRight year runs July-June, so rebates are accumulated throughout the year and can be credited to your designated fund starting in July of each year.

Where Can You Buy RaiseRight?

During the week, including summers, RaiseRight may be purchased in the school office from 8:15-4:15 (Summer hours 8:30-3:30). Order forms are available in the office or can be printed off using the link at the bottom of this page (scroll down). You can also go to to see additional vendors we can order from on your behalf.

Questions or Suggestions?

Contact our Coordinator, Deb Fillmore. You can reach her by calling the school office at 715-423-0272 or send an email to

Scrip Order Form (as of 11/11/22)     

Seasonal Scrip & Limited Quantity Form (as of 11/11/22)