Updated January 27, 2022

Immanuel Lutheran Church

Please pray for Pastor Adam Koglin and his family as he considers his call to Immanuel as well as his call to Redeemer Lutheran Church in Rochester MN. Please pray for both congregations as we seek God’s guidance and to do His will in all things. 

For Our Recovering Members

Hospitalized during the week

  • Elaine Rohm

For Our Members Having Surgery or Other Procedures

For Our Recovering Members

Prayers for Healing & Strength

Roxanne Herman

Lee Kauth

Betty Krueger

Don Schillinger

Lynette Emery

Pamela Williamson

Gary Krueger

For Our Friends & Relatives

Prayers for Healing & Strength

Michael Casper | nephew of Shirley Saeger

Chuck Kiehl | friend of Immanuel

Pastor Tim Kinne  | former Pastor of Immanuel

Sherri Lippitt | daughter of Gene & Jan Zager                   

Brooklyn Machon

Danielle Vlach | niece to Scott/Diane Reetz

Rose Zett | related to Diane Reetz

Health & Healing

What shall we do, Lord for those whose names seem to never leave our prayer list?  Struck down by chronic illness or burdened by the long, slow approach of death, these dear children of yours have become fixtures in our hearts and in our prayers.  Guard us, Lord, from the temptation to lose hope.  Keep our prayers faithful.  Keep our concern alive.  Remind us that, even in the face of chronic illness, you are the God of healing.  You are the Lord of life…forevermore.

 Rosemary Albert

Harold Anderson

Pam Carlson

Jean Czlapinski

Connie Dorski

Loretta Erickson

Lenora Fletcher

Janet Gellerman

John Gellerman

Lois Gellerman

LouAnn Gerzmehle           

Joyce Hofer

Steve Janz

Mae Kester

Barb Kassien

Diane Knuth

Genevieve Knuth

Pat Koch

Harold Pruss

Bette Rasmussen

Dolly Sering

Bev Steinke

Lorraine Tesch

Carol Tohm

Rosalie Turbin

Gerry Wolosek

Marilyn Zabel

Virginia Zielinski 


For Those Grieving

"Let Us Come into His Presence with a Song of Thanksgiving" 

Psalm 95:2

Comfort and peace to the families of:


  • Susan Twait
  • Gloria Drosta

For Prayers of Celebration

For Our Weekly Immanuel School Chapel Families

Johnson Family                                      Karnatz Family  

Kawleski Family                                    Kay Family

For Our Missionary

         For Rev. Michael and Karen Schempf as they live and serve our Lord in Uganda.

For Our Nation & World

For our leaders in federal, state, and local government for direction, guidance, and working together.

For those serving throughout the world strength to their families.

U.S. Military & Allies  prayers for protection of troops and especially for:

Kurtis Terril | Nellis AFB  

Chassiya Betts | Wheeler Army Base

Peter Hokana | US Army Deployed to Kuwait

Memorials Offerings

The following memorials were given to the Glory of God in loving memory for:...

Thanksgiving Offerings

The following offerings were given to the Glory of God in thanksgiving...