Updated October 22, 2020

In Thanksgiving

"The following memorials were given to the Glory of God in thanksgiving for":


"The following memorials were given to the Glory of God in loving memory for:

Additional Memorials



Nation and World


  • For Rev. Michael and Karen Schempf as they live and serve our Lord in Uganda.
  • For Krista Young, who serves as an LCMS Missionary. 


For our Hospitalized Members:


Comfort and Peace for the family of:

Ministry Celebrations

  • Ruby's Pantry

Recovering from Illness

  • Lynette Emery
  • Chris Voelker
  • Roxanne Herman
  • Dian Schlichtmann
  • John Slinkman
  • Emma, Monica, Lauren, and Avery Schillinger
  • Lee Kauth

Relatives and Friends

Recovering from Illness

  • Michael Casper | nephew of Shirley Saeger
  • Chuck Kiehl | friend of Immanuel
  • Rich Schafer | brother of Marlene Mertens
  • Hank Dykstra | father of Mark Dykstra
  • Sally & Trevis Fischer | niece&spouse of Marlene Mertens


Rosemary Albert, Pam Carlson, Jean Czlapinski, Loretta Erickson, Lenora Fletcher, Jeanette Gaulke, Frank Geisler, Janet Gellerman, John Gellerman, Lois Gellerman, LouAnn Gerzmehle, Margaret Grode, Joyce Hofer, Steve Janz, Lydia Karnatz, Mae Kester, Diane Knuth, Genevieve Knuth, Pat Koch, Bill Krause, Ron Markworth, Maurice Petta, Bette Rasmussen, Elaine Rohm, Dolly Sering, Bev Steinke, Donna Thompson, Larry Tohm, Rosalie Turbin, Marilyn Zabel, Jan Zager, Virginia Zielinski, Lavere Zuehlke, Joann Zvara


  • Kurtis Terril
  • Ben Allen
  • Chassiya Betts