In Thanksgiving at Easter

  • $50.00 in thanksgiving for family by Earl & Rosetta Ziegler.  
  • $25.00 in the thanksgiving of God’s blessings by William & Anieda Krause. 

Plants/Flowers Donated
  • The large Palm plants used for Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday were given by Ron & Char Karnatz in loving memory of Char’s mother, Margaret Meissner and brother, John Meissner.
  • Two Easter Lilies and one Calla Lily bouquet plant given by Sharon Riedel in loving memory of her parents Elmer & Elinore Riedel, brother Robert Riedel, and sister in law Sharon Lynn Riedel.

Easter Memorials

  • $50.00 in loving memory of my wife Carlotta Reiman by Lloyd Reiman.
  • $100.00 in loving memory of my wife Audrey Pruss by Harold Pruss.
  • $75.00 in loving memory of my mother Audrey Pruss by Deb Thomas.
  • $40.00 in loving memory Bob Thompson by wife Donna Thompson and children Paul and Christa.
  • $25.00 in loving memory of granddaughter Carrie Lynn Fiegel, Bev’s mother Margaret Dolan, and brother John Howard by Roy and Bev Fiegel.
  • $100.00 in loving memory of Sharon Kauth, Willard Kussman, Paul Romag, Alfred & Martha Kauth by Lee Kauth.
  • $30.00 in loving memory of our dad and grandpa Ken Henriksen by Matt, Deb, Kyle and Morgan Fillmore.
  • $40.00 in loving memory of Mr. & Mrs. Edward Miller and Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Anderson by Barbara Miller.
  • $30.00 in loving memory of my brother Clarence (Clem) Droste by Nancy Schmidt.
  • $15.00 in loving memory of my mother Pearl Zeman by Sharon Neiman.
  • $30.00 in loving memory of my husband Arnold Rotermund by Ruth Rotermund.
  • $50.00 in loving memory of my husband Charles Stolp and Marlene Freedlund by Nancy Stolp and Family.
  • $50.00 in loving memory of my parents and sister Eldon & Louise Engelman and Patti Engelman by Sandy Schild.
  • $20.00 in loving memory of my friend Audrey Pruss by Jayne Deering.
  • $100.00 in loving memory of our parents Russ & Lynette Wilson also Wayne Wilson, Terra Ann Nelson, and Sharon Nelson by Judy and Gary Nelson.
  • $50.00 to the glory of God in loving memory of our wife and mother Carol Buckman by Pastor Bob and David Buckman.
  • $25.00 in loving memory of my husband Gordie Raasch by Dawn Raasch.
  • $25.00 in loving memory of my husband George Emery and son Mark Emery by Lynette Emery.
  • $50.00 in loving memory of our husband, father and grandfather, Donald Zager by Delores Zager, Deb, Craig, Sam, Max, Ben Ayres, Mark, Luanne, Amanda Zager and Eric & Renae Zager.
  • $10.00 in loving memory of my husband Darwin Sprafka by Alice Sprafka.



  • Immanuel Call Committee

Nation and World



  • Rebecca and Peter Wagner


For our Hospitalized Members:
  • Connie Dorski


Comfort and Peace for the family of:
  • Dorris Havlik
  • Bruce McMiller
  • Sister of Esley Schultz

Ministry Celebrations

  • Baptism of Calvin, Abe, and Cyrus Grant

Recovering from Illness

  • Lou Ann Gerzmehle

  • Vic Saeger

Relatives and Friends

  • Michael Casper | nephew of Shirley Saeger
  • Chuck Kuehl | friend of Immanuel
  • Enzo Sanchez | grandson of Pat & Sara Turbin


  • Rosemary Albert, Sheila Boellaard, Pam Carlson, Jean Czlapinski, Lenora Fletcher, Jeanette Gaulke, Frank Geisler, Janet Gellerman, John Gellerman, Lois Gellerman, Margaret Grode, Nancy Haefner, Rita Hanson, Norma Haske,  Joyce Hofer, Steve Janz, Irene Johnson, Lydia Karnatz, Mae Kester, Diane Knuth, Pat Koch, Bill Krause, Joy LaFrance, Dick Maeder, Ron Markworth, Elvera Papineau, Maurice Petta, Wilbert Pruss, Merlin “Jim” Ramker, Bette Rasmussen, Jim Rasmussen, Elaine Rohm, Ruth Rotermund,  Carole Rustad, Esley Schultz, Dolly Sering, Alice Sprafka, Rosalie Turbin, Joanne Wilhorn, Rosetta Ziegler, Virginia Zielinski, Lavere Zuehlke, Joann Zvara


  • Kurtis Terril
  • Justin Zager
  • Ben Allen