Updated June 11, 2021

     Immanuel News

Immanuel Service Time Changes | Pastor Kevin Ader is leading worship services at both Immanuel and St. John. Please see temporary service times listed below. This temporary schedule provides four opportunities to worship and we encourage you to attend the service that fits your schedule best at either church. 

Here is the schedule of service times and locations: 

Wednesday    6:00 pm @ Immanuel

Saturday           4:00 pm @ St. John

Sunday                8:45 am @ St. John

Sunday             10:45 am @ Immanuel (in person and live streamed)

Please keep Immanuel and St. John in your prayers as we seek God’s guidance to provide for our pastoral needs today and in the future.  

Please note: Discipleship Hour starts at 9:30am.  

Pastor Ader in the Office | Pastor Ader will be in the Immanuel office on Wednesdays after 1:00pm. We welcome anyone who would like to stop in and talk with Pastor to stop by on Wednesday’s. If you would like to call and set up a time to meet with him, please call the church office.   

4th of July | The Church, School, and Scrip Offices will be CLOSED on Friday, July 2 & Monday, July 5 in recognition of 4th of July. Please plan ahead for any office or scrip needs.  

Church Summer Office Hours | The Church/School summer office hours start /June 7 and the hours are 8am - 4pm with Scrip available from 8:15am - 3:45pm. Please plan ahead to pick up Scrip in this time frame. Regular hours will resume in September.

Playground project at  Immanuel Lutheran School |  If you would like to make donations towards this project please visit the Immanuel website www.immanuelrapids.com and select give and pay. To God be the Glory to support the work of this fundraiser.

Discipleship Hour | We will continue to meet at 9:30 am for the summer and will be studying Proverbs. Our goal is to cover the entire book over the summer, but we will be highlighting specific passages/topics each week so that nobody will feel out of the loop if you cannot make it every week. 

2021 Faith Stories |    This week is Hayley Jensen

But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.” Isaiah 40:31


In the beginning, God created heaven and earth, light and darkness, land and water, and living creatures of all kinds. On the sixth day, he created Adam and Eve to take care of His creation. When God was done, He looked at the world and saw that everything was good. Unfortunately, there was a snake in the garden that tempted Adam and Eve to go against God's wishes and eat from the forbidden tree. This was the very first sin. Although Adam and Eve had sinned, God promised them that one day He would send a savior to save the whole world from sin and the devil. This promise continued through many, many generations of Israelite's until one day, in a little town called Bethlehem, a baby named Jesus was born. Jesus fulfilled the promise God had made to Adam and Eve by dying on the cross (even though he lived a perfect life) and rising again from the dead. Through this act, he defeated Satan and redeemed all of creation. After this, the early church began to form. This is where we are today. Our job is to share the Gospel with others as we await for Jesus to return for the final Judgement Day to take all of the believers to heaven with him. The first article of the Apostles; Creed tells me that I am created by God himself, along with the whole world and everything in it. To me, this means that God knows everything about me and will take care of all of my needs. The first article also tells me that God is my Father and I am His child. This tells me that God loves me so much and that I can call upon Him at any time. The second part of the Apostles Creed tells me that I am saved by Jesus (who was both true God and true man) through his death and resurrection.  This shows me that God cares so much for me that He would be willing to send His son to die on the cross so that I can spend eternity with Him. Even though I am a sinner, God still loves me.  The second article also tells me that Jesus is my Lord. This means that I worship and praise him above everything else. I put my trust in him and know that he will take care of me. The third article of the Apostles Creed tells me that my faith is a gift from the Holy Spirit that all Christians share in and that, by believing in Jesus, I can look forward to spending eternity in heaven. The Holy Spirit giving me my faith means that I don’t have to worry about messing up my faith because I can ask that the Holy Spirit would strengthen my faith and help me to live by my faith. God redeeming the whole world means that God will save all of the people who believe in Him and will give them everlasting life in heaven. When Jesus comes again, God will restore the world to its perfect state as the new heaven and all believers will live in heaven with God himself.  With the help of the Holy Spirit, I will continue to grow my faith after confirmation by regularly attending church with my family on Wednesday evenings. To better pay attention to and understand the sermon, I will think about the main points and how they connect to the main message. Being an active part of my church family is

important to me because my fellow church members can encourage me in my faith and help me to better understand what God’s plan is for my life. I will continue to study the bible by participating in a bible study with my other church family members to better understand what God is trying to tell me and all believers. I also plan to be an active part of my church by tithing. I plan on tithing by giving ten percent of everything I earn back to the church. I will also give my time to the church by volunteering for service opportunities and being involved in other ministries around the church. I will demonstrate my dependence on God by not worrying about the money or time that I am giving up because I know that God will provide for me everything that I need. My confirmation verse is Isaiah 40:31. I chose this verse because it tells me that even though I can’t do many things on my own, I can trust that God will give me the strength to deal with everything that happens as a result of sin. This verse encourages me to share God’s Word with everyone that I meet because I know that God will give me the strength and the words to be able to talk to people about my faith and to encourage them in their own faith journey.

Home Bible School | We will be taking a break from our Enduring Faith Curriculum for the summer to offer a little more flexibility. Families are invited to register for a Summer Activity Kit. There will be a theme/focus for each month that can either be done all at once or spread over 2-4 weeks. We will provide some teaching materials and conversation starters and supplies for at least one craft/activity, as well as instructions for other activity options using common household items. 

Rainforst Explorers Family VBS |   Parents and children are invited to join us  all together at Rainforest Explorers Family VBS.  We will learn together how Jesus is our ultimate guide in the rainforest and in life.  He leads us to the treasure of eternal life,  and  He'll never leave us!  Parents and children together areinvited to join us 5:30 - 7:45 pm July 25-29 at St Luke's Lutheran Church (2011 10th  St. South).  Click here to register online or call Immanuel Lutheran Church 715-423-3260.  There will be goodie bags for everyone.  Pre-register by July 7.  

Immanuel Youth Summer Plans |   Here is a link to see all the fun and exciting  summer plans  for our youth here at Immanuel.  For these events please RSVP at least one week prior to the events.  

RSVP: tdarling@immanuelrapids. or call/text 715-451-3387.


Community News

Community News

Camp Luther Women’s Retreat | October 1-3, 2021 - WOMEN, take care of yourself for a change! We understand that life is chaotic. The pressures of work, home, volunteering, caring for others, and life's responsibilities can be overwhelming. Join other women as we step away from those pressures for a weekend and restore our bodies, minds, and spirits. Be filled with God's Word and return home refreshed, confident in the woman God made you to be. Amy Meyer will lead a Bible study created just for us: Connecting with Your Creator in His Creation. Together we will explore how to release control, restore calm, and renew creativity. Register today! For more information and to print the registration form: https://campluther.com/adult-events.

2021 Summer Recreation Activity Guide |  Click here for a link to show you all the exciting programs the Wisconsin Rapids Rec Department.

McMillian Library | The library is offering some summer fun activities for children.  Here is a here   for some of their flyers with information on it.

Ways to Give

How can I give to Immanuel?

As a church community we rely on you and your financial support. There are a number of ways to give to Immanuel and they are listed here:

Bring your Offering with you to Worship | If you are coming to In-Person Worship, there will be an offering basket upon entering and also near the exit when giving.

Giving by Mail | Mail your offering to..

Immanuel Lutheran Church

111 11th St. N

 Wisconsin Rapids, WI  54494

Give By Text | If you have a cell phone and texting abilities… Just text the dollar amount to 715-955-4686.

Automatic Giving | Go to - www.immanuelrapids.com/give-and-pay

Simply Giving |  Simply Giving (formerly called Joyful Response)  is now available and here is how you can sign up for this. Click Here to print out the form. Fill it out and mail to Immanuel Lutheran Church at the address above along with a cancelled check. 

Why Do We Give? |  We cannot do this without you! We tithe to continue supporting the mission of Immanuel. Giving is our faithful response to God’s many blessings.

Lutheran Hour Ministries


The Lutheran Hour radio program is broadcast on the following radio channels, at the times listed.

WAXX 104.5 FM | 6:30 am WSAU 99.9 FM | 8:30 am

WCWI 106.1 FM; KAWZ 88.7 FM | 9:00 am WRVM 91.3 FM; WRVM 101.3 FM | 10:00 am

WDLB 1450 AM; WDUX 92.7 FM; WDUX 800 AM | 8:00 am

You can also access the Lutheran Hour schedule online at https://www.lutheranhour.org/programguide.asp

Portals of Prayer | July - September Portals of Prayer are available. Stop by the church office or call 715-423-3260 if you prefer to have it mailed to you. Want the Portals of Prayer on your smartphone? Download the Portals of Prayer by going to: Portals of Prayer Mobile app

Stay Connected Spiritually

Join us for In-Person Worship |   Wednesday @ 6:00PM // Sunday @ 10:45AM | Holy Communion at all services

The 10:45 service is Facebook Live-Stream with the stream starting at 10:30. Walk-up Communion is available on Sunday from 12-12:30pm .

Live Stream with Immanuel | Links to Immanuel Worship

River Cities TV | Worship Service weekly and it will be aired on River Cities TV on Sunday’s at 3pm and Wednesday’s at 10am on Solarus/channel 3 and Charter/channel 985.

Discipleship Hour |  Sundays from 9:30 - 10:30 (new time) in person and live streamed on Facebook for those who cannot join in person. Everyone is welcome.  https://www.facebook.com/ILCRapids.  

Our lessons will be studying Proverbs. (Download the study sheet)

Love INC (Love In The Name Of Christ) | Love INC brings hope, love and assistance to those in need in our community. Through their partnership with local Christian Churches, volunteers, community organizations, and Love INC affiliates, they offer assistance, guidance, love and hope to our neighbors, enabling life-long transformation. Immanuel Lutheran Church has partnered with Love INC to help those in need in our community. 

Click here for the June 2021 newsletter.

Weekly Lectionary Readings  | Click here for readings

Lutheran Bible Translators |  June 2021 Prayer Calendar

Weekly Schedule