Discipleship Hour and

Home Bible School!

Want to know the Bible better?

Want to grow your faith?

Want to share Jesus better?

Like people? Like Food?

We will be engaging in an in-depth exploration of the Old Testament for the 2020-2021 year,  an in-depth exploration of the New Testament for the 2021-2022 year, and a Bible overview for the 2022-2023 year, .


HOME BIBLE SCHOOL REGISTRATION (for families with children)

Our Adult Discipleship Hour will meet in the church fellowship hall from 9:30-10:30 am each Sunday before the 10:45 service.   We will also live-stream our study and discussion via facebook.

We are offering a new program for families to provide opportunities for parent-led (and church-staff supported) Christian growth opportunities in the home called HOME BIBLE SCHOOL.  We will release weekly videos introducing the Bible account and provide take-home kits with materials needed for some simple crafts and activities for you to do as a family.  This curriculum will follow the same readings as our Adult Discipleship Hour. 


For the summer months, our Adult Bible Study will continue to meet at 9:30 am on Sundays studying the book of Proverbs. 

We are putting together some flexible devotion/study options for our Home Bible School families. There will be a theme for each summer month with some talking points, crafts, and activity options. These will be designed so that families can either set aside one day to focus on the theme, or they  can visit each theme 3-4 times during the month.  Register for these summer activity kits here.