Communion Class Sign Up

Youth 5th Grade and up are welcome to attend the class with an adult. Students are required to take the Communion Class at least once before Confirmation. We will meet 4 Sundays after the late service from 12PM to 1PM in the church basement March 10, March 17, March 31, and April 7. Pizza lunch will be provided for each class. The fee (collected here or in person) covers the cost of a catechism, used each week during the class. The fee is $15 in person or $16 online ($1 online processing charge). Here is a link to sign up: If you have a catechism, please ensure it has a 2017 or 2018 copyright date, as we will all need the same book. If the fee is too great a financial burden, please talk to Pastor Jonathan.


Confirming The Story
7th & 8th Grade Confirmation

Curious about what we believe? Check out our beliefs.


    Lessons are delivered via text and email.

    Watch the video for the week and answer the corresponding questions!

    Lessons should be submitted by Wednesday evening.


    Attend worship and come to our brief confirmation video discussion at 10:00 between the services. A leader will bring up your questions submitted with the video lesson as our basis for discussion.

    If you are unable to attend, contact us ahead of time so that we can set up a follow up conversation recapping the video.

    If you're attending Wednesday, have the conversation with Pastor briefly after service recapping the video due that day.


    Expect to meet with Tara or Pastor Jonathan every 2-3 months (we begin scheduling meetings in the Fall).

    We'll meet with each student for about half an hour, and have a casual conversation about how confirmation is going and any questions you have.


    We'll do two easy, short tests every year, using questions you already answered in the video lessons.

    Because tests are no fun, plan to have a party at test time! We'll probably have a confirmation Christmas party with our first test and a spring bash with our second.


    You'll receive your memorization packet on at the first meeting. The packets have one piece of memory work per page. Memory work is due by every Sunday. Bring the single page of memory work due that week to worship, and recite your memory to any other worshiper of your choice (except Pastors, Tara, or your family!)

    Do your memory work and get prizes! (Get it done on time, and get even bigger prizes!)

    Remember to answer the “What did you learn in the sermon?” question at the bottom and hand your signed memory work sheet in at the ushers' station.


    Sign up for 2 jobs per month. You can pick any position: Acolyte, Usher, Reader, Greeter, Tech Team, Camera, anything!

    Try to pick different things!

    Sign up here.


    During your two years of confirmation, you must go on 2 different retreats at least once, the Worship Retreat and the Service Retreat.

    Retreats will take place in the Fall and Spring, and each retreat will be offered at different times of the year to accommodate sports schedules (ex. Worship retreat in Spring of 2018 and Fall of 2018; Service Retreat in Fall of 2017 and Spring of 2019.)