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  • Jonathan D. Petzold, Associate Pastor

    I received my BA from Concordia University, Mequon, WI in 2012 and graduated from Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, MO with my Master of Divinity in May 2016. My wife, Christa, and I are from Ypsilanti, MI. We have three kids, love parenting, and love seeing what Jesus is up to in the community. We have a heart for young adults and young families, and we can't wait to see what Jesus has in store for the future of his church in our next generations!

    This year's theme is victory and focuses on our victory through Jesus Christ.  What does this mean to you? 
    Jesus is victorious over sin, over death, over all evil, and over the devil. "It is finished!" What more reason do we as Christians have for optimism, even in such a tragic and dark world, than Jesus' victory?

    If you had a warning label, what would yours say?
    "Theology nerd. Likes all the Star Wars movies (yes, even those). Michigan Wolverines football fan."

    What song would you say best sums you up?
    I whistle the Star Wars theme all the time, so I guess it has to be that one!

    Hometown: Ypsilanti, MI
    Degree: MDiv - Concordia Seminary - St. Louis

    Contact Pastor Jonathan at (715) 423-3260 ext. 226 or
  • I graduated from Concordia University, St. Paul in 2008 and earned my DCE certification in 2009 through the colloquy program. I am originally from Wisconsin Rapids and am very happy to be back 'home'; it is such a blessing to be called to serve our community through Immanuel Lutheran Church and school. One of my biggest joys is bringing my daughter (born July, 2016) to worship alongside my husband Ryan and this wonderful family of believers!  I cannot wait to see how God will continue to use our Immanuel family to raise up my little girl, and the many other young ones in our congregation.   

    This year's theme is victory and focuses on our victory through Jesus Christ.  What does this mean to you? 

    When I think of VICTORY through Jesus Christ, I think of the fact that even if I lose battle after battle in my personal life Christ as already won the war!  My shortfalls do not keep me from joining Christ in the ultimate victory over sin, death, and the devil! 

    Is there anything you wished would come back into fashion?

    I've never really been much for trends.

    Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Explain how you know.

    I was born an extrovert who has developed introverted tendencies over time.  ;)  I have always been energized by being around people, but I've recently learned to appreciate quiet moments to myself to recharge.  

    Hometown: Wisconsin Rapids, WI

    Degree: Lutheran Theology and Ministry

    Contact Tara at (715) 423-3260 ext. 225 or

  • I moved to Wisconsin Rapids in August, 2014 to be closer to my daughter and her family. And in January of 2015 I was blessed with the job of Immanuel Lutheran's Church Secretary. Immanuel is such a wonderful place to work...everyone has welcomed me and brought me in as part of the Immanuel family. And I love family....I absolutely adore my grand children and love spending quality time with them along with my daughter and son-in-law. I come from a large family, I have 7 brothers and 7 sisters who live all over the United States. But most of all I love the Word of God. And through all the different avenues Immanuel has to offer I am able to Worship and Praise and learn more about our Lord and Savior every day. I've truly been blessed!!

    This year's theme is VICTORY and focuses on our victory through Jesus Christ.  What does this mean to you?

    This means that no matter how hard I try, I can't do anything without Jesus.  My victory lies in being a child of Christ and saved by His grace!

    Hometown: Leonore , IL

    Contact Marlene at (715) 423-3260 ext.220 or