L.I.F.T. (Living in Faith Together)

Junior High and High School students

"Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up."  James 4:1

Welcome to Immanuel's Youth Ministry: L.i.F.T. (Living In Faith Together). We live each day in faith in Jesus Christ which is seen in our actions and heard in our speech. Members of L.i.F.T. come before God as humble servants willing to go where He leads, serving those who are in need, and telling others about Jesus Christ. As we live in faith together, also lift each other up in the faith when we are down, hurting, or discouraged. We spend time studying the Word of God, praying together and for each other as well as holding each other accountable. We use positive and encouraging words to always lift each other up and we lift up praises to God as we worship together regularly. L.i.F.T. is a place for you to be lifted up in your faith as you also lift up others in theirs.

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Senior High Parents

L.i.F.T. Operator

Tara Barrett



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Young Adult Ministries

High school graduates through mid-30's

Young Adults experience so much change! Whether it's shifting from high school to college or a career, from college to a career, getting married, or having children, there are so many new experiences that happen in these "Young Adult" years.  

Our Young Adult Group (high school grads through mid 30s) currently meets on Sunday afternoons for Bible Study.  We are also looking to start up some new opportunities for young parents! 

For the latest information on what our young adults are up to,  connect with us on Facebook, or contact Tara Barrett or Pastor Jonathan.  

Interested in receiving a college care package for finals week? Click here to give us your information so we can send you one!